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Think Academy’s live-streamed classes are enriched by a series of innovative & interactive features

Interactive features keep young learners focused and engaged
Discover quizzes, games, animations, 1-to-1 video links directly with the tutor, virtual rewards, and more!
Fun and engaging online classes
Experience guided teaching, fun quizzes, and maths games to encourage students to learn and participate. Students can also earn virtual rewards and exchange them for virtual gifts.
Personalised reports and guided learning service
We regularly review students’ homework and provide feedback on their performance, tracking progress and regularly reporting to parents so that no child will fall behind.
We'll send you hard copy study book
Once you register for one of our courses, we'll send you a premium copy of our course study book every term. Students can use it to complete work during class, as well as homework assignments.
Get unlimited video playback
Gone are the days of struggling to remember what the teacher said. Your child will receive lifetime access to every lesson you've paid for. So don't worry if they need to take a sick day. It's also handy for revision!

1.Choose from either Standard or Advanced courses, and find the course that matches your child's maths ability level.

2.Easy registration process, select a course and checkout. Then, download the app and sign in.

3.When it's time for class, your child can quickly enter the classroom to meet their tutor and peers.

4.Your child will enjoy lots of opportunities to have fun through maths challenges, games, and more so that they're fully engaged.

5.We don't just reward the correct answer; we reward effort! Every child will receive rewards such as virtual stickers.

6.Our interactive classrooms allow your child to customise features, such as turning off the chatbox, turning off their camera, and more.

7.Students receive homework that the tutor's assistant marks. They'll also get unlimited video playback of the lesson to review and revise anytime.

8.We're pioneering the UK's first dual-teacher system! 1 expert tutor + 1 dedicated tutoring assistant to ensure your child succeeds.

9.Get access to a library of learning resource, from maths worksheets, practice test papers, webinars and parenting guides.

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