FAQs about the course

Who are these online maths courses designed for?

We offer 1 session per week as part of a 12-week online maths course for KS1 & KS2 students. Much of our course content is aligned with the National Curriculum and Curriculum for Excellence (Scotland) – perfect for students who prepare for SATs in England or annual National Reading and Numeracy tests (P1-P7) in Scotland. Check our course page to see a detailed course syllabus and lesson topics for each Year group.

When will the course start and how long is each course?

Our Spring term course will start from 4th January 2020. The course is 13 weeks long (including a 1-week half-term break) with 1 lesson per week. There are several course time slots to choose from per Year group, but all time slots will be during after-school hours every Friday or Saturday.

Year 1 and 2 lessons are 70 minutes each (incl. 10min break), while lessons for Year 3 to Year 6 will last 90 minutes (incl. 10min break).

We also offer several FREE trial classes every week for anyone who wants to try before enrolling.

What is the dual-teacher system?

For each course, we have a specialist maths tutor who delivers an interactive live session of the highest standard, and a teaching assistant who follows up and supports students individually with any questions they may have for a guided learning experience.

Does Think Academy UK offer one-to-one tuition?

Not for now, each of our online classes is made up of a small group of students. This is because we believe group tuition is less intimidating, more cost-effective, and that kids perform better when studying alongside their peers while still receiving the undivided attention of their tutor and teaching assistant. Book a trial class to try it for FREE!

Are there different ability levels for each year group?

Yes, in each year group we offer two bands of class based on difficulty level: Standard and Advanced. The standard level mainly focuses on a review of the primary school syllabus with some above-age number theories and maths concepts, while the advanced level focuses on extracurricular maths and 11+ exam techniques.

Does this course prepare for the 11 Plus exam?

Yes, as much of our course material is of an above-standard level, it is helpful in preparing students for the mathematical element of the 11 Plus exam. All our tutors can offer effective hacks and specialised exam techniques that are not taught in a typical primary school maths lesson.

FAQs for registered customers

What to do next after signing up?

After signing up, you will receive an email confirming the course time along with follow-up arrangements, including how to access our innovative online learning platform, please also check your spam folder in case our email couldn’t reach to your inbox.

The classroom link and textbook material will be emailed to you by late December. Meanwhile, you can join our Facebook group or follow our blog for exclusive access to FREE learning resources, parenting tips and exam preparation guides.

Is it possible to change a class after enrolment?

Yes, if you feel the current year group or the difficulty level is not right for your child after attending a couple of sessions, you can contact our course admin siqi.zhang@tal.com to change a class for your child.

Does this course have homework?

Yes, your child’s textbook has a section for homework for them to complete after each lesson. Your child’s tutor or teaching assistant will check the homework and provide feedback.

What should I do if my child misses a class?

Don’t worry if you miss a lesson! Your child can review the lesson as many times as they like using the video playback feature on our teaching platform.

For any other questions you may have, feel free to reach out to us via Facebook chat box on this page, or just send us an email to infouk@tal.com.