General FAQs

Who are these online maths courses designed for?

We offer 1 session per week as part of a 12-week online interactive maths course for KS1 & KS2 students. All our course content is aligned with the National Curriculum and the 11+ exams – perfect for students who will prepare for SATs or entrance exams held by grammar and independent schools. Check our course page to see a detailed course syllabus and lesson topics for each Year group.

How long dose each course last?

Our long-term course is 13 weeks long (including a one-week half-term break) with 1 lesson per week. Each school year, we have at least 4 terms covering Spring, Summer, Summer Holiday and Autumn terms.

There are also several times slots and different difficulty levels to choose from per Year group, and all time slots will be during after-school hours such as every Friday or Saturday.

Year 1 and 2 lessons are 70 minutes each (incl. 10min break), while lessons for Year 3 to Year 6 will last 90 minutes (incl. 10min break).

How many students in one class?

Each of our online interactive classes is made up of a small group of students(maximum 8 students per class). This is because we believe small group tuitionis less intimidating, more cost-effective, and that kids perform better when studying alongside their peers while still receiving the undivided attention of their tutor.

Are there different ability levels for each year group?

Yes, in each year group we offer two or three bands of class based on difficulty level: Advanced, Mastery and Competition. The Advanced level mainly focuses on a review of the primary school syllabus with some above-age number theories and maths concepts; The Mastery level focuses on extracurricular maths and 11+ exam techniques to ensure students can excel the entrance exams for the UK’s top grammar or independent schools; While the competition level is the hardest level to prepare students for the UK maths competitions like PMC, JMC, JMO, and JK.

How would I know which difficulty level is suitable for my child?

Our team of expert tutors also designed an online level testing to help assess your child’s maths ability and recommend the most suitable difficulty level. To take this free online level testing, please go to our Level Testing page

Does this course prepare for the 11 Plus exam?

Yes, as much of our course material is of an above-standard level, it is helpful in preparing students for the mathematical element of the 11 Plus exam. All our tutors can offer effective hacks and specialised exam techniques that are not taught in a typical primary school maths lesson.

Is it possible to change a class after enrolment?

Yes, if you feel the current year group or the difficulty level is not right foryour child after attending a couple of sessions, you can contact our course admin support.uk@tal.com to change a class for your child.

Does this course have homework?

Yes, your child’s textbook has a section for homework for them to complete after each lesson. Your child’s tutor or teaching assistant will check the homework and provide feedback.

What should I do if my child misses a class?

Don’t worry if you miss a lesson! Your child can review the lesson as many times as they like using the video playback feature on our teaching platform.For any other questions you may have, feel free to reach out to us via Facebook chat box on this page, or just send us an email to support.uk@tal.com

What if my child won't take these exams such as 7+ or 11+?

Our interactive online maths courses help students to improve their academic performance and achieve their full potential in maths. All our course content is fully aligned with National Curriculum, even your child is not going to take 7+ or 11+, they can still improve their maths skills for KS2 SATs and become a confident learner in maths. Our courses also help our students to improvetheir mathematical and reasoning skills, as well as foster their natural love for learning maths.

FAQ for registration

Account creation: why it shows ‘error’ when entering the phone number?

When entering your phone number, please remove the 0. You then need to press "SEND" to receive the verification code on your mobile phone. After entering the verification code, please don't forget to tick the box at the bottom of the form. The sign-up button should no longer be greyed out, it'll turn orange, and you can click it.

Why it shows “International codes are not available” to register for an account?

If you have an international phone number, you should find the country code in the dropdown menu via the Think Academy Classroom app. If you cannot find out country code in the list, let us know, and we'll add it asap. As soon as it's added, we'll send you a message to let you know.

How can I add a second child to the account?

Adding another child to your account isn't too tricky; here's what you need to do. First, log into your account and go to your profile; it's represented by the orange character in the top, right-hand corner. Click that, select "My Family" and then "Add Another Student", you can enter the second or third child's information here and sign them up for the appropriate course.

What do parents need to do after signing up?

After signing up, you will receive an email confirming the course time along with any follow-up arrangements, including how to access our online learning platform. Please also check your spam folder in case our email communications are misplaced.

The link to join class and study materials will be emailed to you. Meanwhile, you can join our Facebook group or follow our blog for exclusive access to FREE learning resources, parenting tips and exam preparation guides.

How soon after the registration that I can receive the hardcopy learning materials?

If you choose to purchase our hardcopy learning materials and sign up two weeks before the start of the class, you can receive learning materials before the class starts. However, if you sign up after the class has started, you can get the learning materials within about 10 working days.

*The delivery time may vary according to the logistic situation in different regions

All users will receive the PDF version of our learning materials via email or download from our App.

How can I change my postal address for receiving learning materials?

You can update or change your postal address in your Student Portal

FAQ for attending the courses

My child is quite advanced in Year 4, can we join Year 5 course?

We strongly recommend that you start with Year 4 Mastery course to have a feel about our course syllabus and difficulty level. The reason for this is that our courses are designed almost 1 year ahead of the UK primary school syllabus, so in Year 4 our courses will touch upon many of the key topics covered in Year 5 and help students to stretch their maths skills so that they can solve slightly harder questions than their peers. Having said that, whenever you feel the current difficulty level is not right for your child, our tutor and teaching assistant will provide advice and help you to transfer your child into a more suitable difficulty level, free of charge.

Could my child ask questions whenever he wants during the class?

Yes, our online maths lessons have a "raise hand" function. Our innovative online learning platform also has many other interactive features to keep all students fully engaged and focused during the class via games, quizzes, animations, virtual rewards and audio & video connection with tutors etc.If your child requires more attention, rest assured that the tutor won't steam ahead if they don't ‘get it’. They will ensure every child understands before progressing, and this gives the other students additional time to practise. But of course, if they really are struggling to grasp a particular concept, it's our role as tutor assistants to follow up and recap, to ensure that your child has a full understanding. You're welcome to contact us anytime.

Does this course have homework?

Yes, your child's workbook has a section for homework. They should complete this after each lesson. Your child's tutor or teaching assistant will check the homework and provide feedback.

What should I do if my child misses a class?

Don't worry if you miss a lesson! Your child can review the lesson as many times as they like over the next 2 years using the video playback feature via our online learning platform.

What if my child has questions about his homework? Would you correctmy child's homework?

Our tutors will answer all the questions your child may have during or after the class, including the homework. We also have free online communities where parents can ask questions, and our maths experts will answer all your questions.

FAQ for 11+ exam preparation

My child is preparing for 11+, could you provide 11+ mock papers or realpast papers for us to practice

Yes, our Year 3 to Year 6 courses are helping students to prepare for 11+ with lots of practice materials and worksheets. Also, we have short time courses or workshops that explain smart techniques that can be applied and practised using 11+ past papers. You can subscribe on our website or join our 11+ resources online communities.

FAQ for discount

Any discount?

We offer referral discount and sibling discount. For referral discount, both referrer and referee will get some credit for your next course purchase. Themore you refer, the more discount you can get. To see if you are eligible for the discount please contact our course admin on support.uk@tal.com.

Can I get a discount if I'm signing up for more than one child? (Sibling discount)

Yes, if you're signing up more than one child, you're automatically eligible for our sibling discount. Essentially, after signing up for the first child, you'll receive £40 OFF the total course price for each child you sign up thereafter.