Year 5
Courses details
Suitable for
Year 5 students preparing for 11+ exams
Autumn Term
5 September - 18 December
Course Introduction

Our year 5 courses help students master all seven of the key 11+ modules, solving questions with speed and accuracy, enabling candidates to whizz through the exam paper. Candidates can expect to perfect their understanding of word problems, ratios and proportions, algebraic and geometric thinking while also exploring basic number theory.

Our Mastery level courses help students prepare for 11+ success by improving their skills and performance in operations of fractions and algebra. Students can expect to learn more challenging problems, including 11+ and ISEB style questions. Our Competition level course also helps students to become fully competent in answering questions from the PMC, JMC, JMO and JK.

Suitable for:
- Students preparing for grammar school 11+ exams.
- Students preparing for independent school 11+ entrance exams.
- Students preparing for mathematics competitions like PMC, JMC, JMO and JK.

Course Details

Weekly live-streamed classes with interactive features and games.

Students will also get:
- Free PDF Study Book, Exercise Book and lots of additional learning materials.
- Personalised learning support and progress reports.
- Unlimited class playback for up to two years.