GCSE Courses
Intensive 9-month Course
Suitable for
Year 10 - Year 11 students
Online Summer Camp
15 August - 4 September
Autumn Term
9 September - 18 December
GCSE Course Introduction

Our GCSE course provides students with all the tools they need to achieve the top grades in their final exams. We not only teach students how to get to the answer but ensure that they understand the reason behind the methodology. This guarantees they have the skills to work out the trickiest questions and achieve their dream grades.


We have a dedicated course development team that has designed a bespoke curriculum, incorporating target topics which we have identified as being 'problem areas'. We have synthesized the GCSE specification down to 5 core modules: 1. Number 2. Ratio and Proportion 3. Algebra 4. Geometry and Measure 5. Probability and Statistics.


In this intensive 9-month course for Higher Tier GCSE students, we focus on grade 6 - 9 topics assuming the foundation (grade 1 - 5) knowledge is already known. This ensure that we can help students where they really struggle, whilst still sharpening their basic mathematical skills.

GCSE Tutors
Our GCSE tutors are all experts in mathematics and are routinely trained to ensure the highest quality of teaching. They have the know-how to guide students to achieve top grades in their exams.
Course Details

Weekly live-streamed classes with interactive features and games.

Students will also get:
- Free PDF Study Book, Exercise Book and lots of additional learning materials.
- Personalised learning support and progress reports.
- Unlimited class playback for up to two years.