Multiple 11+ Maths Courses Available

We offer a unique learning experience that can help your child make progress in small, efficient online maths classes with 11+ candidates of the same ability. Choose a course based on the level of support your child needs.

Think Academy’s live-streamed classes are enriched by a series of innovative & interactive features

Interactive features keep young learners focused and engaged
Discover quizzes, games, animations, 1-to-1 video links directly with the tutor, virtual rewards, and more!
Fun and engaging online classes
Experience guided teaching, fun quizzes, and maths games to encourage students to learn and participate. Students can also earn virtual rewards and exchange them for virtual gifts.
Personalised reports and guided learning service
We regularly review students’ homework and provide feedback on their performance, tracking progress and regularly reporting to parents so that no child will fall behind.
We'll send you hard copy study book
Once you register for one of our courses, we'll send you a premium copy of our course study book every term. Students can use it to complete work during class, as well as homework assignments.
Get unlimited video playback
Gone are the days of struggling to remember what the teacher said. Your child will receive lifetime access to every lesson you've paid for. So don't worry if they need to take a sick day. It's also handy for revision!

Meet our Expert 11+ Maths Tutors

Even though our tutors have years of experience, after hiring, they enter a rigorous training process before we qualify them to lead a class; this is to ensure all our tutors are highly trained in helping students to reach their full potential.

You're Eligible for FREE 11+ Resources

Advice and Support for the 2022 Exam
Get free practice papers, 11+ application reminders, preparation guides and webinars with 11+ experts.
Essential Maths Resources
For younger Year groups, receive free maths workbooks that lay the foundations for 11+ prep.
Grammar and Independent School Info
Join our free 11+ community group for school league tables, exam board information, admissions policies and more.
Think Academy Testimonials
Rachel Gilling
Parent of a Year 3 pupil
"Hi Gina, thanks so much. Overall we're very pleased with the lesson content and the length of each lesson. Henry seems to have a newfound interest in maths. We're looking forward to the Year 4 autumn course. We'd also like to thank you for support and continued updates on his progress."
Hannah Low
Parent of a Year 5 student
"Thanks Think Academy!! Tim's teacher said he's made a complete turnaround in maths and it's no doubt thanks to your help. Please thank Oli too. We really appreciate this!"
Chris Yu
Parent of a Year 6 student
"Thank you Evelyn, it's fabulous! The final test is just what we need now! Thanks for all the hard work! Think Academy becomes better and better; its super at the moment!"
Parent of a Year 5 student
"Thank you very much for the learning report and your effort in assisting William to learn is greatly appreciated! We will enroll in the autumn term for sure and hope to see you then. Have a great summer holiday and enjoy the well deserved break."
Catherine Turner
Parent of a Year 3 student
"I feel as though the Think Academy course goes beyond what kids are being taught in school. My child's arithmetic improved leaps and bounds in such a short time."
Alsion Abu
Parent of a Year 4 student
My son found the classes very useful and learnt a lot of new topics. Recaps at the start of class were really effective for him, building up his confidence. We're happy with the progress he's made so far.
Nick Chen
Parent of a Year 2 student
The couse went well, my daughter is in Year 2 and so I was concerned she might lose focus in class. The lessons are interactive and the tutor is great at helping her to refocus with fun games and other enjoyable activities. We're confident she'll perform well in the 7+.
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Can't Find an Appropriate Course for Your Child?
There's so much more to the 11+ journey than academic preparation. That's why we endeavour to provide parents and students with as many resources as possible.
We provide a complete service, from practice materials to 11+ webinars, and guidance for finding and applying to grammar and independent schools.