Enrolment and Refund Policy

1. Introduction

This policy applies to all students enrolling on any of our courses. By making a payment towards tuition fees, you, as parent, or guardian, sponsor or self-funding student (as applicable), agree to be bound by the terms of this policy.
This policy is in addition to our Terms and Conditions, each of which should be read carefully before you proceed with any payment. If you are a parent, or guardian, sponsor of the student, you should ensure that the student also read and comply with these other policies.

2. Enrolment

There are two types of courses on which a student can enrol:
Regular Courses
Regular Courses are provided in Spring (January - April), Summer (May - July), and Autumn (September - December).
Short-term Courses, Activities, and Exams
Short-term courses, activities, and exams are scheduled throughout the year [and cover various subjects and topic areas].
If a student enrols on a Regular Course after the specified start date for that course, the Late Registration terms (see section 6) will apply.

3. Tuition Fees & Payment Terms

For a student to be accepted on any of our courses, you will be required to pay the corresponding tuition fee as advertised on our website or otherwise notified by us from time to time. Tuition fees vary based on the courses on offer and are subject to review each year for those students who commence a new course.
Tuition fees must be paid in pound sterling and in a single lump sum in advance of the start date of the relevant course.
Payment of tuition fees can be made online through our website’s payment portal using one of the specified Credit or Debit cards. We may introduce other means of payment from time to time.
If the tuition fees are not paid prior to the commencement of the relevant course, the student will not be permitted to attend the course, subject to the Late Registration terms (see section 6).

4. Course attendance

Students are expected to attend all classes on a course. Non-attendance for any reason will not entitle you to a refund.
Save for events outside of our control or on prior written notice, we will not cancel any course or individual class.

5. Course Rescheduling & Course Transfer

Course rescheduling and transfers are subject to the availability and capacity of our other courses and we reserve the right to reject any such request without reason.
If we cannot accommodate your request to reschedule or transfer, any tuition fees paid will be refunded subject to the Refund terms (see section 9).

6. Late Registration

The late registration provisions below apply to Regular Courses only and do not apply to short-term course, activities and exams.

7. Your right to cancel

For registrations after 16th November, you can cancel the student’s enrolment from a course by requesting refund on our website. We will refund the course fees to you in accordance with section 8.1 below.
To cancel the student’s enrolment, please follow the steps below:

        [Visit thinkacademy.uk and click on the top-right icon]

        [Log in to the student portal with your mobile number and OTP]

        [Click ‘My Orders’ and select the course you want to cancel]

        [Click ‘Request Refund’]

        [Fill in the relevant information on the refund page].

For registrations before 16th November, you can cancel the student’s enrolment from a course by notifying us via e-mail. We will refund the course fees to you in accordance with section 8.1 below.
You may cancel the student’s enrolment via e-mail to [siqi.zhang@tal.com ] Please include the following information:

        [Full name of the student]

        [Date of birth of the student]

        [Course Name (Year Group & Teacher’s Name)]

        [Course Start Date & Time].

The date we receive your notice will be the “Cancellation Date” following which the student’s enrolment will be terminated.

8. Withdrawing from a course

The proportion of the tuition fees refunded will be calculated as follows:
Student’s enrolment is cancelled when the course has not begun Full refund
Student withdraws from a Regular Course after the first lesson but prior to completion of the second lesson
(Number of lessons taken = 1)
Full refund
Student withdraws from a Regular Course after the course has begun but prior to completion of that Regular Course
(Number of lessons taken ≥ 2)
A pro-rated refund will be made based on the number of classes run prior to the Cancellation Date
e.g. If the student withdraws from a Regular Course after the second class, we will deduct the pro-rated tuition fee for the first two classes from the refund
For the avoidance of doubt, no refund will be credited to either:
passed or commenced classes; or
concluded courses,
regardless of the student’s attendance of those respective classes or courses.

9. Refunds

Exceptional Mitigating Circumstances

We may consider making a refund in circumstances where a student withdraws from a Regular Course or short-term course, activity or exam owing to exceptional mitigating circumstances. Each instance will be considered on a case by case basis and we shall not be obliged to make such a determination in the absence of supporting evidence. We will not typically refund absence from classes or courses due to academic or financial reasons or for short term illnesses.

Method of Refund

Refunds will be made in pound sterling to the bank and account holder from which the original tuition fees were paid.
We aim to process refunds within 14 business days. Please note that the timings for processing and receipt of the refund will likely depend on the issuing Banks.
We will not be responsible for settling any banking charges or compensating you for any shortfalls owing to fluctuations in exchange rates.