Year 1 Courses
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School Year
For children in Year 1
Course length
January 2022 - April 2022
Course Introduction
Our year 1 courses help students get to grips with the four fundamentals of KS1 maths: calculation, word problems, geometry and measurement, all of which are also key 7+ exam modules. Students can also enjoy lots of interactive features to promote class participation, like games, animations, and more.

Our Mastery level courses also boost students’ performance in KS1 maths modules by introducing more challenging questions, basic 7+ style questions and exam techniques.

Suitable for:
- Students working above the national curriculum.
- Students who need support improving arithmetic skills.
- 7+ exam candidates preparing for independent junior school entry.
Course Details
Twelve weekly live-streamed classes with interactive features and games, applying four important KS1 modules (Number & Operations, Geometry, Measurement, and Word Problems) to real-life scenarios.

Covers topics including Ordering Numbers, Observation & Calculation, Fast Calculation, Coding, Mass & Volume, Time Problems, 2D & 3D Shapes, Symmetry, Money Problems, Diagrams, Direction, and Dice Games.

Students will also get:
- A free PDF workbook and additional learning materials.
- Personalised learning support and progress reports.
- Unlimited class playback for up to two years.
Year 1 Tutors
Our team of maths tutors are of the highest calibre, with years of experience in helping primary school students achieve their full potential.
How to Choose a Level
Level test
Take an online level test to find out which course is best suited to your child's needs.
It is recommended that your child make an appointment to participate in our diagonsis and scientifically evaluate which level of course should be enrolled.